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Advantages and features of the MTC

Buitink Technology’s Modular Textile Canopy offers a variety of key benefits:

  • For temporary, semi-permanent, seasonal or permanent use (in all weather conditions);
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle;
  • The MTC’s sidewalls and the roof can be made up of separate, modular textile sections that can be stretched or removed independently of each other. Appropriate fabrics can be selected according to the weather conditions or the requirements: densely woven fabric or mesh, no fabric, full-color printed fabric, etc.;
  • Several separate membranes can be fitted over the MTC frame to form the roof and sidewalls and you can decide which of them are to be stretched tight or not according to the weather conditions or season;
  • The MTC has been designed as a lightweight kit that is compact enough to ship around the world in a standard container;
  • Wind-breaking, rain-resistant or sun-blocking mesh fabrics can be used, as can densely woven sailcloth or even transparent sections;
  • Can be fitted with all the usual fixtures: windows, doors, frames, wooden floor, wooden walls, glass walls, etc.;
  • Can be fitted with wall sections to shelter you from side winds and rain;
  • Can be fitted with solar panels.

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