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Hospitality tents in general

A hospitality tent is a luxury, demountable tent structure, which can be installed on a trailer or semi-trailer. The tent is perfect for receiving guests or relaxing, but it can also be used as showroom or storage and workspace. Furthermore, the system can also be used as removable or semi-permanent terrace roof.


Normally the hospitality tent is offered in a PVC coated polyester fabric of Ferrari excellent brand (Precontraint 502). You can choose from many colors. Generally, we recommend a white roof for maximum day light in the tent (16% of the light can get through the white color of 502 quality). The 502 quality is UV resistant, easy to clean and flame-retardant as required by BS 8020-41. Ferrari 502 has a fire rating of M2 (conform NFP 92-507) and B1 (conform DIN 4102). The material has a weight of approximately 590 g/m2. All the leftover material of the PVC fabric from the production process will be returned for recycling. More information about our policy regarding sustainability and recycling of the processed materials can be found here.

In addition, we offer a light weight alternative for the Nascar canvas. This material has a weight of approximately 225 g/m2. This material is also flame-retardant (Class B1, DIN 4102). Nascar canvas is available in white, gray, blue and black colors. Compared to other suppliers of hospitality tents we fully weld the Nascar canvas, and we guarantee waterproof seams. Other suppliers stitch the seams of the fabric together and possible give the seams an impregnation treatment.In the long term, this is not a good method to make the product waterproof. In addition, a stitched seam has only 30-50% of the strength of a welded seam.

Our quality department run checks on the welded areas to test their strength and quality. This is done with our own pull and press bench (test force up to 30 tons).

In the next yellow column, you see the pictures of a test we conducted on the Nascar canvas to examine the strength of the welded knots located horizontally in the middle of the canvas. It's clear on the photos, the canvas breaks outside the welded knots. This indicates the high quality of our seams (a welded joint should be stronger than the material itself).

Besides welding of the seams, our hospitality tent has more advantages. The roof (and the walls) are made up of four parts (instead of a single roof). This allows to install the tent with strong winds. It also gives a stronger structure of the tent. Furthermore, it makes it possible to extend the tent in a modular way; add more parts and pieces to the tent.

Individual fabric pads can also be replaced with other colors, for example, canvas or fabrics with a (logo) print.

Moreover, the roof covers on the front are tailored so that the roofs with the stainless steel rafter on the front are properly tensioned and tightened (the stainless steel clamping sleeve works as a spring). As a result, the fabric remains tensed and water retention will be prevented as much as possible (contrary to many other hospitality tents).

Above you see an example of a non-Buitink Hospitality tent, where you can see that without load (rain/water), the roof is already sagged depends (as a result collapsing or pocketing due rain water). The tent roofs covers of Buitink are much more tensed, avoiding this problem.

We use the highest quality of the Keders (with double flag) which are sealed to the surface with a so-called 2200 dtex structure. This structure prevent the canvas to slide down on the aluminum profiles (in case of the most used 1200 dtex Keders, the fabric slides less, with a great chance of damaging the Keders. This leads to Keder replacement).


The structure is made of anodized solid aluminum profiles (110x68), which is already correspondent to the new legislation for tents. Local authorities continuously tighten the permits for large size tents ( e.g. with respect to the structural safety, see BS 8020-41 (fire) safety of the tents). Organizing parties, the fire department and municipalities are more intensively monitoring the structural and fire safety of tent structures larger than 25 m2.

Often much smaller profiles are used (48x86 or even smaller), which results in deformation of the tent construction under its own weight. The structures aims at a quick and easy assembly and disassembly with the possibility to expand the tent structure if needed. Additionally, all accessories, tension rods, hooks, etc. are made of stainless steel, which in the long term maintain their quality.

Almost all the other suppliers use usual galvanized steel for their hospitality tents. After a period of time, they will be damaged by corrosion.


Since we build our tents in house we can offer you a (large) number of options for the hospitality tent:

  • Instead of Ferrari 502 PVC coated polyester fabric, a tent can be made of (lightweight) NASCAR canvas;
  • Storage bags or flight cases for the sails;
  • Arch-shaped roof with 3D double curved roof covers;
  • Separable walls;
  • Blinding cloth for the windows that can be rolled up;
  • Aluminum rails and flaps on the sides of the trailer, attached to the tent;
  • Drought/sealing strip with aluminum rails at the bottom of the trailer;
  • Supply and installation of the (stainless steel) bracket plates on the trailer for the rafters;
  • Print of the tent.

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