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Your advantages when purchasing a hospitality tent

Generally speaking, the Buitink hospitality tent (compared to other suppliers) have following advantages:

  • High quality anodized aluminum base construction, taking into account existing and future legislation on rental tents above 25 m2;
  • Tent construction composed from various separate parts: easy to assemble in stormy whether and possibility for modular expansion;
  • Fittings, tension rods, tension system, feet and other parts made ​​of stainless steel (no corrosion);
  • Ferrari 502, a high-quality canvas, is the base material of the tent;
  • The fabric (including the transparent windows) is fire proof (M2 or B1 classification, as required by law);
  • Many options are possible, as the tent is entirely built in house;
  • 2200 dtex keders on the wall and roof covers: smooth pull in and pull out;
  • Roof covers are tailored so proper tension is guaranteed;
  • The seams of the roof and wall canvas, as well as the transparent windows, are fully welded or re-welded in the case of NASCAR canvas;

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