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Protected against rain and sun

Waiting for an attraction, or the entrance to a shop or building while being protected from the rain, sun or wind?

That’s possible under a special queue shelter or ‘dry walkway’ system developed by Buitink Technology. As summers get hotter, we require more shade, while heavy and intense rainfall makes it more pleasant to have a roof over your head while you wait. As a park manager, retailer, organization agency or government authority, you want to give all your visitors the most pleasant queuing experience possible. In that way, you can make the waiting - so often experienced as negative - a little more positive.

Aesthetically attractive, lightweight construction

A queue shelter from Buitink Technology not only provides shelter and protection, but is also an aesthetically attractive, lightweight construction, airy and cheerful, which either stands out from or merges with its surroundings. Ideal for amusement parks, attractions, shops, events, etc.

The Buitink Technology queue shelter is a 100% Dutch product, developed and manufactured in Duiven. Thanks to its modular structure, the canopy can easily be shipped anywhere in the world. It can be erected on-site by a local contractor, and our assembly experts can be called upon to oversee the operation if required.

The structure of the queue shelter can be left in place permanently, but the textile coverings must be removed in extreme weather conditions (during snowfall and wind from force 7 upward).

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