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Specifications by type

Inflatable platform ∅ 3m (S)

Features of below platform of 3 meters in diameter:

  • Height when inflated is 34 cm;
  • At an internal pressure of 350 mbar (0.35 bar), the work platform has a self-supporting load bearing capacity due to the static friction force of approx. 1,000 kg;
  • The weight of a platform is only 33 kg (4,7 kg/ m2);
  • When folded or rolled up, the package is no larger than 30 cm (diameter) x 310 cm (length).

Inflatable platform

Inflatable platform ∅ 4m (S)

We created a platform (4 meters in diameter) as shown in the pictures below. Used for reparing the wall of a large silo. Features of this platform:

  • Height when inflated is 34 cm;
  • Size rolled (to spend manhole): 25 cm diameter and 410 cm in length;
  • Size folded up (transport): 40 x 40 x 95 cm;
  • Inflatable platform weight: 52 kg;
  • Weight optional anti-slip mat: 40 kg.

Folded up working platform ∅ 4m (S)

Inflatable platform ∅ 20m (XXXL)

  • Height of platform when inflated is 34 cm;
  • Pole/tube diameter +/- 100 cm;
  • Height of poles/tubes depending on height of silo(s);
  • Platform and poles/tubes roll up separately.
  • Parts can be delivered empty and rolled up through manhole.


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