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FAQ inflatable fenders

What is a fender?

Fenders are designed to cushion encounters between 2 ships or between your ship and the quay. You hang the fenders at the level of the likely contact points.

What is an inflatable fender?

Inflatable fenders are frequently used to save space when the fenders are not in use. They are pumped empty after use, thereby taking up minimal space in your ship.

How do I inflate the fender?

That partly depends on how fast you want to pump up the fender; normally a simple hand or foot pump is adequate. Of course, you can also opt for a small electric pump. We can supply either version with your order. The same devices can also be used well to extract the air.

How do I use the fender?

You should place the fenders at points where your vessel could come into contact with another vessel or the quay and where, due to the movement of the water, damage could occur. Fenders are designed to absorb shocks and protect the ship.

How do I attach the fender?

Our fenders are optionally equipped with a D-ring or soft loop at the top and bottom. Using a line, you can position the fender horizontally or vertically on the ship as required.

What size of fender should I use?

You should not choose too small a fender just to save space. That is why our inflatable fenders are the right solution. If lack of space remains a problem, it’s better to have one less fender and choose a larger size. Choose the length of your fenders by taking 50-70% of your freeboard (distance between waterline and deck or point of attachment).

How many fenders do I need?

It is recommended to have a maximum of 2.5 metres between fenders. You will usually need at least 6 fenders.

What material are inflatable fenders made of?

Our fenders are assembled and produced in-house using advanced production techniques and carefully selected, durable materials. The specifications of these materials can be found elsewhere on this web page.

Are made-to-measure fenders also available?

Buitink Technology also makes fenders that deviate from the standard cylinder shape. If you have special requirements for size, shape, colour or printing, please contact us so we can work this out in more detail and give you a tailored quote.

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