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The basic colors of our inflatable fenders are blue or grey (HD fabric) or blue (HULK fabric).

Optionally, however, the fenders can be furnished with an attractive and smooth skin in any desired color. This skin is welded to the fender and is not detachable.

The skin is made of a special UV and weather-resistant, top-quality canvas made by Serge Ferrari:

Soltis Proof 502

You can choose from many standard colors for your fender skin:

502V2-1125C 502V2-2012C 502V2-2135C
502V2-2137C 502V2-2138C 502V2-2141C
502V2-2148C 502V2-2150C 502V2-2152C
502V2-2156C 502V2-2157C 502V2-2158C
502V2-2160C 502V2-2161C 502V2-2166C
502V2-2167C 502V2-2168C 502V2-2171C
502V2-2172C 502V2-8056C 502V2-8102C
502V2-8204C 502V2-8255C 502V2-8284C
502V2-8341C 502V2-8450C 502V2-8861C
502V2-20185C 502V2-50265C 502V2-50270C
502V2-50668C 502V2-50669C 502V2-50670C
502V2-50671C 502V2-50672C 502V2-50673C
502V2-50674C 502V2-50675C 502V2-50676C

Full color printed fender-skin

If you cannot find the right color or would like a full color printed fender-skin, we can also do that for you.

Photos of fender skin colors

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