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Pull and push test facility

Buitink Technology has its own tensile-strength test bench to be used up to 30.000 kg (30 tons).This machine is connected to a PC with advanced software to generate test results in numerical data and graphics.
We use this test facility to realize our own research and development of products and to support choice of materials. The test facility is also used to test welded seams to be able to garantee constant high quality. Tests can be done for clients as well.

01 DRUK7.jpg 02 DRUK4.jpg 03 DRUK2.jpg

Installation to test the breaking limits and the behaviour of a fabric

The composite print plate during the strength test

A section showing the top side of the head of a bolt for the attachment
04 DRUK3.jpg DRUK1.jpg 06 DRUK5.jpg

Setting where the connection of an aluminium profile is tested on strength

Head in the aluminium edge profile is tested on strength

07 DRUK8.jpg
Typical representation of the tensile-strength test bench. This concerns a pull test of different composite driving plates.

08 DRUK9.jpg
Typical representation of the tensile-strength test bench facility. This concerns the pull test of a light weight polyester fabric with pvc coating.

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