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Vacancy head of engineering

We are looking for a

Head of engineering/senior project engineer

Someone who will work with us to take Buitink Technology's engineering department to the next level and contribute to our focus on developing and manufacturing a wide range of products that support (directly or indirectly) Sustainable Development Goals.

Are you interested in technology and innovation? Do you care about one or more SDGs? Do you have technical insight? Do you have management experience or are you ready for the next step in your career? Do you enjoy being the hub of the engineering department and coordinating activities and maintaining contacts with external parties, such as suppliers, consultancies, customers and service providers? Are you a real techie who is good at 3D drawing? Do you like variety? Would you like to work for an innovative and leading company that puts people first?

Then read on and get in touch!

Where will you be working?

Buitink Technology is a dynamic, innovative and growing company engaged in the development, production and assembly of products made from sailcloth, foils and technical textiles.

In doing so, we focus primarily on applications that fit today's societal challenges.

These include renewable energy andCO2 reduction (e.g. industrial chimney valves, inflatable units for rotor blade repairs, lightweight construction with ETFE foil and textiles, insulation of outdoor slides, flexible storage reservoirs for battery fluids), water management and climate change adaptation (e.g. flexible dams, flood hose systems) and a safe society (e.g. an inflatable safety net system).

Our company in the Netherlands employs around 15 people on a permanent basis, supplemented by temporary workers and self-employed workers.

Besides a head office and production site in the Netherlands, we have two (production) sites in Romania employing around 25 people, including two engineers/work planners.

Within our company, customer focus, quality orientation, service orientation, independence, proactive action and taking initiative are core competences. Our way of working together is to put our shoulders to the wheel and do what we have agreed, with the customer at the centre.

What does your position look like?

- Engineering department coordination

You will work together in a team of about 4 engineers/draughtsmen/work planners. Within the team, you will fulfil a managerial and coordinating role. You will not only coordinate the internal engineering department, but also the technical services provided by external parties.

- Business office

You will be responsible for the ins and outs of the business office.

- Development of customer requests

You support your colleagues in working out requests for offers and you are their technical encyclopaedia.

The majority of the assignments we carry out are custom-made. Prior to this, we usually receive a problem from the (potential) customer for which a solution is requested. This can be a simple question (e.g. a tarpaulin over a machine) or a complex question/problem (e.g. the underwater sealing of a tunnel system with an inflatable valve that must be able to absorb a large back pressure).

The customer's demand must be translated into a solution and worked out on drawings. With the right technical knowledge, a dose of common sense, creativity, you ensure that a well-developed solution is produced.

- Innovation

You will initiate and supervise innovation projects within the company.

We deal with development and innovation almost daily and continuously. You coordinate the development, work preparation and supervision of these projects, while also providing the necessary support in production and assembly (i.e. in execution). You do this together with your colleagues from sales, and the business office and management.

The innovations can be small or large, simple or complex, related to a new product or to the production process.

- Testing of materials and details

During innovation projects and also on behalf of customers, material research must be carried out regularly.

You are capable of independently devising, setting up and carrying out (or having carried out) relevant tests. Where necessary, you follow the relevant norms or standards.

- Engineering, design and consultancy

We regularly carry out engineering and design projects for customers with a specific problem without an immediate order for our products. The problem is too innovative and/or requires a feasibility study first. In that case, we first offer our customers a design/engineering proposal.

You are ultimately capable of handling such a project from start to finish (problem > concept > design > solution > reporting > costing), maintaining independent contact with the customer and other parties involved. You are also able to obtain knowledge from third parties if you do not have this in-house.

- Rotate in production

In our company, we consider good communication, understanding and respect for each other's work and the exchange of information to be crucial. Partly for this reason, our basic principle is that all team members from the business office spend one day a week in production. We expect a head of engineering to participate in this during the first year so that all relevant professional knowledge is acquired. After that, you can do as you see fit.

This not only improves communication but has other positive effects:

  • You learn a lot about the trade and detailing, which in turn you can use when making good working drawings;
  • The threshold for communicating with each other and addressing each other on behaviour is much lower;
  • You understand better how production works and how a drawing is read and what information is important to put on a drawing;
  • You gain insight into how long it takes to make products, which is important for making calculations and planning, for example;
  • Mutual respect is created.

Your profile

You have at least an HBO working and thinking level. You have a completed technical HBO or WO education, for example industrial product development, mechanical engineering, civil engineering or construction engineering.

  • You are meticulous, structured and meticulous;
  • You like to coordinate and organise;
  • You have well-developed technical insight;
  • You have guts and you work independently;
  • You are good at 3D drawing (preferably also in Rhino);
  • You pull tasks towards you and take responsibility for your role;
  • You function well in a team;
  • You have good communication skills;
  • You like structure and overview and you work in a structured way.

What do we offer?

  • A fun, varied position in a dynamic and innovative company with good primary and secondary benefits;
  • Full-time employment from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00; or employment for four to five days a week (80-100%).
  • After initial temporary employment, the starting point is employment for an indefinite period.


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