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Project engineer

We are looking for an:

Project engineer/ work planner/ draftsman. 

Due to the growth of our company, we are looking for a project engineer / work planner / draftsman. 

Are you interested in technology, innovation and do you have technical insight? Do you enjoy translating theory into practice? Do you work accurately, meticulously and in a structured way? Are you good at 3D drawing? Are you a good team leader? Do you like variety?

Would you like to work for an innovative and leading company where people are central?

Then read on and get in touch!

Where will you be working?

Buitink Technology is a dynamic, innovative and growing company engaged in the development, production and assembly of products made of tarpaulin, foils and technical textiles.

Our company in the Netherlands employs about 15 people on a permanent basis, supplemented by temporary workers and several interns. About 70% of the products we make are (indirectly) exported all over the world.

In addition to a production location in the Netherlands, we have two branches in Romania where approximately 25 people are employed. 

Within our company, customer orientation, quality orientation, service orientation, independence, proactive action and initiative are core competencies. Our way of working together is to put our shoulders to the wheel and do what we have agreed to do, with the customer being central.

What will your job look like?

You will be working as part of an enthusiastic and driven team of five colleagues (four of whom in the Netherlands), in which you will have your own projects, tasks and responsibilities.

- Draughting and work preparation

You are responsible for the drawing and work preparation of your projects. You also ensure that all materials required are ordered on time.

In addition, you make a BOM and estimate the required (production) hours. You monitor the progress of the projects you have worked on. You are the technical point of contact for the customer and for your colleagues in production and assembly.

- Elaboration of quotation requests

In addition, you will support your colleagues in developing requests for proposals.

The majority of the assignments we carry out are tailor-made. Prior to this, we usually receive a problem from the (potential) customer for which a solution is requested. This can be a simple question (for example, a tarpaulin over a machine) or a complex question/problem (for example, the underwater sealing of a tunnel system with an inflatable valve that must be able to absorb a large back-pressure).

The customer's question must be translated into a solution and worked out on a drawing. With the right technical knowledge, a dose of common sense, creativity and support from your colleagues you will independently come up with a good elaborated solution.

You will often have to request prices and delivery times for purchase parts and materials from various suppliers. You provide a clear and comprehensible overview of the costs and prices of the various parts, converted back to unit prices (per meter, per m2, etc.) for verification.

- Innovation

You will supervise innovation projects within the company.

We deal with development and innovation almost daily and continuously. You will support the development, work preparation and supervision of these projects, while also providing the necessary support in production and assembly (i.e. in execution). You do this together with your colleagues from sales and the business office.

The innovations can be small or large, simple or complex, related to a new product or to the production process.

- Testing of materials and details

During innovation projects and also on behalf of customers, material testing must be carried out regularly.

You are able to independently devise, set up and carry out relevant tests. Where necessary, you follow the relevant norms or standards in doing so.

- Engineering, design and consultancy

Not all requests for quotations are worked out by us without obligation and free of charge. Sometimes working out a quotation or making a design takes a lot of time or requires our specific technical knowledge. Or we have to buy in knowledge in order to work out a solution to a problem. In that case, we regularly carry out a paid engineering and design process.

Examples can be found on our website:

Engineering & consultancy

You are capable of handling such a project from beginning to end (problem > concept > design > solution > reporting > costing), whereby you maintain independent contact with the customer and other parties involved. You are also able to obtain knowledge from third parties if you do not have this in-house.

- Participating in the production

Within our company, we consider good communication, understanding and respect for each other’s work and the exchange of information to be of crucial importance. It is partly for this reason that we have adopted the principle that all team members of the business office work in production for one day every two weeks.

This not only improves the communication but has even more positive effects:

  • You learn a great deal about the profession and detailing, which you can in turn use to make good working drawings;
  • The threshold for communicating with each other and calling each other to account for their behaviour becomes much lower;
  • You understand better how work is carried out in production and how a drawing is read and what information is important to include in the drawing;
  • You gain insight into how long it takes to make products, which is important, for example, for making calculations and planning;
  • This creates mutual respect;

4. Your profile

You have an HBO working and thinking level.

You have a completed technical HBO education, for example industrial product development, mechanical engineering, civil engineering or construction engineering.

  • You are meticulous, structured and meticulous;
  • You have a well-developed technical understanding;
  • You have guts and you work independently;
  • You are good at 3D drawing (preferably also in Rhino);
  • You pull your tasks towards you and take responsibility for your role;
  • You function well in a team;
  • You have good communication skills;
  • You like structure and overview and you work in a structured way.

What do we offer?

  • A fun, varied position in a dynamic and innovative company with good primary and secondary terms of employment;
  • Full-time employment from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm;
  • After an initial temporary employment, the starting point is employment for an indefinite period of time.


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